Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 18 (Nov. 10, 2014 San Leonardo, Philippines)

Feels like a party everyday.....

...Hey Jessie.

This week and from now on will be a little different, and I'll tell you why in a bit :)

On Monday, after our P Day from Morning till 6, we headed over to the Zone Leaders Apartment. They are in our Ward, and had a Family Home Evening scheduled for the night. The Members said to invite the "Other Missionaries," and I guess that means us, because we were invited. (Dear Shaun. I apologize for calling you the "Other Brother." It hurts. I love you so much. You're welcome. Love Joel) Anyway, we headed to the Zone Leader's Apartment, but showed up and they weren't there. It's hot in the Philippines, and we didn't want to wait outside, so I climbed the wall next to their apartment, and wall jumped across the alley to their overhang second story balcony. Boom. I would have made a Great monkey in Tarzan. Anyway, they were smart enough to lock their second story door, but not the window. The windows are barred here, and there was a screen, so I had to jimmy the screen lock open with a key and reach through to flick the door bolt open. Success :D I was super proud of myself :)

After we got inside. I ran downstairs and unlocked the door for my companion. This is the window they left open. Behind my right shoulder is the doors lock. It was a long stretch :P

Family home evening was fun, but a little unplanned. Truthfully, nothing was planned. Elder Kadarmia wanted to do my fancy "balance-a-flaming-toothpick-and-two-forks-on-one-edge-of-a-drinking-glass" trick, but didn't know how. Pfft. Amateur ;) So instead he read a scripture and said he loved all of his, and so does the Savior. That was the entire lesson (He actually has a really awesome testimony. And an accent. That's always a plus). Then we drew pictures for the activity. It was a SUPER weird FHE. Food was good though, and we got pictures, so all is well :)

Family home Evening!

The rest of the week was kind of a blur, just like this picture:

That's what happens when your camera falls off the table while taking a picture.

Take 2

Anyway, the rest of the week.

John Robert, the super investigator, is now in Manila- a whole different mission :/ We sent his information to their MP, but don't know what will happen with him :( Definitely a setback, but we were able to push forward :)

We had quite a few meetings this week about how to push forward with everything we've got for the rest of the year especially. We had a goal for 2014 of 1650 baptisms, and we're only a little past 1200 right now. President Clark showed up in every zone to share some encouragement, and to install a new work plan. Follow Up 200. We now work in only two areas, in alternating days. When we're not teaching lessons in a specific area, we're following up on commitments. Daily contact with investigators, Lesson planning, and Teaching Time Outs are key in this mission, and will bring to pass the Immortality and Eternal Life of 1650 Men and Women.

As part of this, we've been working extra hard on 4 specific Investigators. Richard Berlis, Jefferson Kagurngan, Jessica Talana (squiggly n), and Mary Rose Ramos. I'm short on time today, so I'll update you more on them next week if you send me a reminder :)

But ya, SUPER short on time. In short, Love you all wish you the best, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BEAUTIFUL AND INCREDIBLE MOTHER!!!! LOVE YOU MOM!!!!

Elder Syphus

The moon (it was exponentially more beautiful in person)

Our meeting House at 8:05 AM on Sunday. Sacrament Meeting starts at 8. Oh ya, about the meeting house: It's the Meeting House for everyone in San Leonardo, which is about the Size of Saint George, so most people can't walk. About 10 people in San Leonardo (Saint George) own cars, and only one of those is a member. Instead, people ride Motorcycle Taxis everywhere. It's fun and cheap :) About a dollar to get from Diamond Valley to Bloomington.

No packages yet. Elder Maestrado says if they were sent by boat at the beginning of October, they may not get here until the end of January, but that's only a possibility :P No worries :)
Training is over, transfers are passed, and I will be killing my Tatay :P It just means I'll be Elder Maestrado's last companion. He goes home December 17!!
Tummy is fine :) It gets rumbly tumbly every now and then, but it's usually just bubbles :P

I'm still a little bummed I didn't get to see Tarzan, but it's all good. I'll have to borrow somebodies DVD when I get home :)
That's so awesome about Katie and Shaun!! :D :D :D :D Am I the first to know besides You and Dad?
Tell Keith congrats for me!!!! That's awesome!! Kid's going to do great! :D

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!!!! I sang to you probably 30 times yesterday. Just walking down the road :P I hope you heard ;) I think my voice has gotten better. I've got a bit of vibrato now, and I can hit higher notes better :)

Loves and hugs!!

Elder Syphus

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