Sunday, February 15, 2015

Week 32 (Feb. 15, 2015 Guimba, Philippines)

Hey Mom :)

I did :) I received one letter and the package. I already finished the jerky :P Not taking any risks with that one :D And I've been handing out the rings to anyone and everyone. Thanks Mom! :) Also, I LOVE the pecans. I can practically taste the cool, crisp St George air. It's a beautiful thing :) I don't know if I've ever eaten pecans by the handful before. It's always been crack one, eat one, crack one, eat one. It's been fun to just skip the cracking ;)
What happened with the knife? Not allowed I'm assuming? Ayos lang 'yan. No worries :)

We're also planning on making the cheesecake today. Yesterday was Elder Gallego's 1 year mark, and our other two kabahays (Elders Gemelo and Quinzon) will be celebrating their birthdays in the upcoming days. I found some mini 5 inch pie tins that I've decided I'll just have to work with. I'll just buy a whisk and try to use that in place of the electric beater. Yay...... :P

Haha, that's awesome about Shaun and Katie! I got some VERY disturbing pictures from the two of them. *shivers* But congrats to them :) Having Nephews is awesome. I want ALL the nephews!! Also, I think Oliver and I are going to be besties. He sounds like one of those super nerdy genius kids who's got like, a bajillion and a half friends. Sort of like me, except I'm lacking the bajillion friends... Still got the half friend though! Ya! (It's okay, I don't get it either)

About the magazines; yes, we get the Liahona every month. I just found and addition of the October 2004 Conference Ensign where I found the same Warren Marshall Johnson Story, but this time given by Elder Joseph B Wirthlin in his Conference talk. Woo!! Original hard copy! I was pretty happy :) I also learned that Dad and David A Bednar are 3rd cousins. That's super awesome too.

Alright, now for a bit of what I wrote down for this week :)

I ended up calling the Zone Leaders as well as President Clark about what was happening between me and Elder Gallego. We only had companionship study twice this past week, and didn't go out to work for almost a whole day. We taught what I felt was a pretty good lesson one that morning, and then my comp gets all upset about "no spirit" and grabs a ride with a motorcycle taxi, so I have to follow him or be separated. We went home an hour and half early that morning, and then he refused to go back out to work that afternoon until about 6:30 PM. We then had exchanges twice, once with the District Leaders, and then again with the Zone Leaders to find out what the problem was. Apparently, I'm the first obedient companion he's had in a long while, and he's more of a"do it my own way" (which means do nothing) kind of guy. We sort of got things sorted out, and things are running a bit smoother between us. We'll see how it goes.
But about the exchanges :) Nothing special with the District Leader, but I had a lot of fun working with one of our Zone Leaders. Elder Hedman is from South Jordan and his family lives on Shellbrooke. How awesome is that?? He says he recognized the picture of Kylie and Greg, but didn't know them personally. He said he was about 3 minutes away from the Jordan River Temple, and so we talked and eventually found out he was pretty close to where Kylie and Greg used to live. Do they know him or his family at all?
Anyway, it was super fun to finally work with an American. We attract a LOT of attention :P He was also quite the Gamer back home, so we had quite a bit to talk about :) During our dinner break, we were sitting down at a Sari Sari, drinking sodas. This group of kids coming home from school run up to us and all start shouting "What's your name?! Where are you going?!!" And a bunch of other questions in English. I answered the "What's your name?" and then replied with "Sika; Anya ti nagan mo?," (you, what's your name) which isn't Tagalog, but Ilokano. Being in Guimba, they all know Ilokano, but were shocked none the less. Americans NEVER know how to speak the less common dialects; just Tagalog. When I spoke Ilokano to them, they all got super quiet, and then started to whisper to one another "whoa, he knows Ilokano." It was awesome :P This 60+ year old tatay who had been watching the whole thing just started laughing. I'm pretty sure I made that old man's day :) After we finished with our drinks, we got up and started walking to a Member's house who was planning to feed us. The little kids all followed, but were too afraid to say anything. It was hilarious :P There were like 20 of them, just wanting to see where we were going.

Low on time, so I'll leave you with that :) Love you!!!

Elder Syphus

PS: Also, is the Asian Girl a member? Just a thought I had.
PPS: Tell Link Happy Birthday for me :)

Rice Fields.

Elder Gemelo trying on the Security Guard Uniform a member gae me in my last Area :P I tried it on too, but thought I was going to die. Sooooo small :P
A bunch of little kids following Elder Hedman and I. The one in the green skirt is Japanese but refused to talk to me!! How rude!

Fancy Pepsi in the Philippines. It's garbage. It tastes nothing like Freedom in a bottle :( *single tear*

Elder Quenzon sort of reminds me of Erkel. I never really watched the show, but just remember that he was super nerdy :P

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