Thursday, March 6, 2014

Called To Serve

     On March 6, 2014, I received a letter from the Church Headquarters of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Inside the large, thick envelope was my mission call. My entire immediate family (excluding my sister who was then serving a mission of her own in Argentina), as well as some In-Laws and nephews, were all there to both support me and my older brother who would be married the next day. All 15 of us crammed into our tiny 2-bed hotel room, and waited. I decided to FaceTime a close friend of mine, and I opened my call.
     I'm going to the Philippines!! When I opened my call, the first thing I saw was "...Philippines Missionary Training Center..." I audibly gasped and my mom started yelling at me, telling me to "read it out loud!" :) I read my letter, and then found out from the family I was FaceTiming that their daughter is in the EXACT SAME MISSION!! I had met her during her senior year in high school, and now I may be able to see her again in the Mission Field!!
This post  is subject to any editing I see fit, but until then...
Ingat ka!
Elder Syphus

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