Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 13 (Oct. 6, 2014 San Leonardo, Philippines)

So I have now officially been serving for 3 months. Wow. That's 1/8 of
my time out here. TOO FAST! In other random news before I spout off my
Day-by-Day, I have begun to collect Marbles. So far, I've found four.
I pick it up, dust it off, drop it in my pocket, then soak my hands
with alcohol. When I get home, I boil them. I've found 3 cat eyes and
a jaw breaker. I'm hoping for a Steelie before I go home. My very
first collection of anything, besides maybe video games :P

My emails are basically my Journal Entries for each day, but I wasn't
able to write in my Journal this week, so I'll try to pull some stuff
out of my memory. Don't expect much this week :/ Sorry!

Tuesday (I did last Monday last week. I'll do this Monday next
week): We got a referral from a family in our Group- the father's
sister. We met with her that night and taught her the Message of the
Restoration. She's really good at listening, and is one of the very,
VERY few parents that actually controls her Children. Ibig sabihin, we
can actually welcome in the Spirit :) It actually was a very spiritual
lesson :) She asked some wonderful questions, and my companion gave
some wonderful answers. I did a wonderful job pretending to understand
everything :)

Wednesday was not so wonderful. I woke up at about 5 AM about
ready to fall back asleep (but not so voluntarily) because of a
terrible pain in my stomach. I ran to the bathroom and coughed up
(that's saying it lightly, btw) Tuesday Night's Dinner. Thankfully, it
was just rice. I left the bathroom at around 7:30 AM, and got a
prescription from the Mission Presidents wife. A member bought the
drugs and kindly delivered it to us, as I wasn't feeling up to leaving
the Apartment. I spent the day in bed, reading the Scriptures, Church
Magazines, and the Teachings of President Joseph Fielding Smith.
THAT'S some good stuff. Anyway, I wasn't about to eat rice again for a
while, so our Member friend brought some fruits over with the
Medicine. Easily the most boring two meals I've ever had in my life.
Some of the hardest, as well. Eating Balot was easier. I was starting
to feel a lot better, though, by the end of the day, and retired early
for bed to grab an extra hour.

I needed that extra hour, because we had a Service Project
Thursday Morning. A Tatay in our ward had a pile of rocks next to his
house that he needed moved to behind his house. Don't ask me why.
Anyway, Elder Maestrado and I called up two other Companionships, and
we all got to work. 50 lbs is about the most I can lift off the
ground. I can do about 100 with my shoulders legs and back. Because of
this, I calculated that we moved about 2 tons of rock, dirt, and
gravel. It was rough work, but I've gotta say- The pile does look
better when it's behind the house, rather than on the side. We got
fresh hot Pandesal and Mountain Dew for Breakfast afterwards :)

Friday we went out to the Mall to withdraw our Monthly
Support. After the withdrawals, we stopped by McDonalds for Lunch. Imagine my
horror when I sat down across from my companion to hear "ELDER
SEE-PUSS!!" coming from the back of the Dining Area. Elder Murdock. I
flung into Ninja Mode and tried to hide, but it didn't really work.
Instead I just told Elder Maestrado to entertain him. It worked! :D
Don't worry, I still ended up saying hello to him :P

Saturday was probably this weeks highlight. No, it wasn't General
Conference. That's next week. Instead...HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELDER
MAESTRADO!! Celebrations began a bit after 8 when the Carpeso Family
showed up with a Leaf full of Sticky Rice. It was a big leaf :) Later,
we brought it over to a lesson for a lunch appointment with some
Roasted Chicken and Soda Pop. In a later lesson, Nanay Longalong, who
didn't even know it was Elder Maestrado's birthday, came out with a
bag of ties. We each got to choose two :D The night, we went to the
Carpeso's for a lesson and we're treated to Dinner (but that's not
really new :P ). After we got home that night, I pulled out some of
the nastiest fake vanilla Ice Cream ever and I made Oreo shakes for
the both of us. Oreo makes everything better :P

I don't really remember yesterday, plus I don't have anymore
time, so I'll just say that our Neighbor-child Dave insists on shaking
our hand as we go out to work every day, and that I the stray dog the
wanders around our alley is now named Charles. I asked Elder Maestrado
if he has rabies. He said probably. :D

Love you all!! Elder Syphus

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