Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 15 (Oct. 20, 2014 San Leonardo, Philippines)

Where to begin, where to begin..... Oh! How about with last Monday?!!

We woke up extra early that day. That's the best time to catch frogs
:) One of the Members in our ward, Brother Allan Carpeso, offered to
teach us how if we wanted. We wanted :) We showed up at his place at
around 6. We thought that was the time we decided on, but apparently
he missed the memo :P We sat down and had Pandesal and Hot Choco while
we waited for him to get ready. At around 7, we headed out. He mixed
some laundry detergent in water and started pouring it on the ground.
I asked Elder Maestrado why, but didn't get an answer. So I stared at
the bubbling patch of dirt to see worms popping out of the ground like
daisies (why is that even an expression? Or am I just understanding it
wrong?). 'Cept the worms were lots faster than daisies. We got a nice
little cup full of 'em and went a fishin'. It was about 7:45 when we
actually started, but I think they retire to whatever they retire to
(are frogs nocturnal?) at 7:44, cause we heard 'em a'croakin, but as
soon as weez started to fishin, they beez quiet as a mouse (I
understand that expression. Those things are like delicious little
ninjas). Bouts 9 o'clock is when its came to quiten, and not one frog
was catched. Daggum. And that's how I a'came a hillbilly. 'Cept only
for that day.

Tuesday was much more sophisticated. I'm talking business/sells man
sophisticated. Or at least that's what John Robert Mactal thought when
we passed his house on our way to an appointment. He was in the middle
of his evening meal when he saw us passing by, and decided by natural
curiosity that he was going to follow us and find out what we had in
stock. SALVATION, THAT'S WHAT!! Thankfully, he was interested. I said
by natural curiosity, but I'm thinking it was more like "by divine
promptings." This kid's golden. Super focused and interested in our
lessons, asks wonderful questions, keeps up on commitments, and here's
the kicker. He came to church this Sunday. But he didn't come by
himself. He brought his cousin. And a Less Active. Our INVESTIGATOR
brought a MEMBER to church!! HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN?? So now we are
teaching his cousin as well, and apparently I'm holding Neck-tie tying
lessons every Sunday five minutes before church starts. Anyway, we're
pretty much super excited to continue teaching this kid. He's awesome

On Wednesday, I FINALLY got to bring up some personal concerns about
Mission-Wide Obedience issues, because we had Zone Interviews! Ya!...
ya. It was actually pretty great :) President and Sister Clark showed
up with their Assistants, we had opening remarks, and then had a
workshop offered by the Zone Leaders while President held Interviews.
After the workshop, we had Jollibee for lunch, which is basically the
nastiest burger joint in history, but has pretty good chicken. We had
chicken. After lunch, the Assistants gave a workshop and President
Clark continued with the interviews. I was called in, had my
interview, got some answers, and went on my way. All in all, it was an
enjoyable experience :)

On Thursday, we found another person who seems to be a pretty strong
investigator. It was actually a house I had tried to OYM a month
earlier, but my temporary companion, an RM even, hid. He literally
jumped behind a fence and hid. The contact didn't go well. Anyway, I
told Elder Maestrado I wanted to try again, so we did. Different
person answered the door, this time interested. Jessica Talana with a
squiggly above the n. She too asked good questions. Anyway time is
short so I'm going to skip boring old Friday and be very short. Sorry!

Saturday: We had another Service Project! We moved Rocks again!! There
was a flood at a school, so we basically just filled in the flooded
area with dirt and rocks. We had lunch and the sisters painted the
classrooms. After the CSP, we had a reactivation meeting. I thought it
went pretty well :)

On Sunday we had 4 investigators attend church! John Robert Mactal
being one of them. I sat next to him, and had the most incredible
experience. When he took the sacrament, even though it was just bread
and water to him, my heart flooded joy. It was incredible and
inspiring. I hope to be able to see him do it again next week :)

Well, gotta go. Love you all!! Thanks for all your support!!

Elder Syphus.

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