Sunday, March 8, 2015

Week 35 (Mar. 8, 2015 Guimba Philippines)

Really short on time, sorry :(
Straight Lecture is a monologue.
Package was free as far as I know, but it might be withdrawn from next months support.

Could you pay my tithing on the $15 Joel and Trish gave me? I've been meaning to ask for a while, but kept forgetting.
Tell Shaun and Katie Happy Anniversary! :D

I still look like I'm 12. We played basketball this morning and a Police Officer drove by and asked why I wasn't in my School Uniform.... The real question is when was the last time he saw an American attending a Public school in the Philippines... Dough head...

Things are getting pretty stressful. Although I'm Jr Companion, and have been in the area a transfer less than my Sr, I've been leading since week 2. He has no desire to do anything :/ It can be tough, but I do my best to endure.He also gets upset with me because he feels like he should be leading because he's Senior Companion. The only problem with that is that if he leads, we don't have Comp Study. We don't have Daily Planning. We don't teach more than 3 lessons a day. So yeah, it's a tough situation. I'll keep working at it though.

We have 5 investigators that are progressing pretty well. Paul John, Patrick, Jimber, Jeremy, and Norillito. The first three are scheduled for baptism on Friday, and the other two on April 18. Paul John and Jeremy seem to be the most interested, and are always really happy and willing to hear the lessons. Let's hope their interested in the Gospel more than Church Ball and the other activities.

Well times up. I'm SO so so so sorry :( Next time.


Elder Syphus

(His testimony that he emailed to a good friend)
It is my personal belief and dare I say knowledge, that there is a God. He is all loving, all knowing, and all powerful. He is the Eternal and Literal Father of our Spirits, and even the Father of Christ in the Flesh. We lived with him and in his presence during the eternities before this life, and will live in a kingdom of his glory and creation for the eternities ever after. This life and Earth were given to us because of his great love for us as his children. "Behold, the Lord hath created the earth that it should be inhabited; and he hath created his children that they should posses it. (1 Nephi 17:36)"
Throughout the millennia, God has continued to reveal his plan of our Salvation and Happiness through his chosen Prophets, starting with Adam and including others such Noah, Abraham and Moses. The Son of God and our Savior, Jesus Christ, himself was a chosen Prophet of our Father, and as part of his Earthly mission, took upon himself our sins and sufferings. He was sinless and merciful, providing us, through his Atonement, a path back to our Father in Heaven. As a son of Woman, he succumbed to death on the Cross, but as the Only Begotten of the Father, he took it back again in the tomb. He overcame death and sin for all of us, in a very personal and individual way.
At the time of the death of Christ, persecution raged and the Apostles were killed or forced into hiding. The Church established by Christ fell into apostasy, only to be restored nearly two millenia later, through an uneducated farmboy, Joseph Smith. As God did before, he has done again in our day. He has called a prophet to lead and guide us in this, the Dispensation of the Fullness of Times. Thomas Spencer Monson is that prophet, and holds the keys to initiate the ordinances for our Salvation.
We are not perfect. No man or woman ever has been, nor ever will be. But Christ and our Eternal Father are not simply Men. They are Gods, and forever will be. This is my personal Testimony, which I feel honored to have been able to share with you, and do so in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Elder Syphus

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