Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 52 (July 13, 2015 Camiling, Philippines)

Hahahaha!!! That is awesome!!!! Woohoo! *self high-five* Now I have SIX Nephews!! And Katelyn is GORGEOUS!!!!! I pulled up the picture and my companion saw it and he was just like "whoa...." Sorry, Elder Ortega, she's TAKEN! Haha!

Woo. Got some of the excitement out of me now. That's uber kagilagilalas though. You should all start using that word.

Hello Mom!
So, if you've already been sending my letters to people that's cool too. We just got an hour cut off our email time, so that would be super helpful if you could keep doing that for me. Sorry! Love you so much though!

So, about this week: we didn't end up getting any baptisms.
Kate started her job at this Supermarket, and isn't allowed weekends off, so we told her baptism wasn't going to be continued if she wasn't going to be able to keep the Sabbath Day holy. We basically told her straight up to quit, but in a way that was more polite and respectful. She said she'd pray about it. Still no updates :/
Ivy's old RM American Ex-Com boyfriend showed up to her house on Wednesday, along with his new wife. Apparently Ivy still didn't think their separation was official, even though she told us it was. After that, things all went down hill for her. She's sort of depressed and asked to move her baptism. She saked that we just pray for her as well, so that's all we're doing. That's all we CAN do. For either of them... uggh.
Joseph wasn't necessarily set for baptism this week, because he has this nasty addiction he can't seem to cut loose. He's a heavy gambler, and sort of refuses to even attempt to quit. He says he's not ready for baptism because of his gambling, but he said as soon as he got a job, he would be able to stop. Now he has a job, and still gambles. And they were all so promising!!! We haven't completely dropped any of them yet, just because they've all had so much progression, but it's hard to focus on them when they're either at work, in depression, or gambling, which seems to take up their whole day. Just keep them in your prayers :/

But on the flip side of things, we have met some cool people.
One morning, while we were on our way to Ivy's, I saw this random guy standing outside of this super old, run-down home. I glanced at him, but kept walking, but then felt the strongest impression that I needed to talk to him. I stopped for a second, fighting with myself a little, then turned around and walked towards him. When he saw us, I greeted him, and then he mumbled something and rushed inside. I stopped walking and looked at my companion, and then greeted the home. He poked his head outside the door, and gestured for us to come in. We went in (even more run down and old from the inside), and started talking to him for a bit. Turns out that he's a member! His name is Ely Agustin, and he was baptized in the 80s but has gone inactive since then. He could be a very promising Returning Member, if we can just keep with him.
We also met some new investigators that seem sort of cool. We were just doing our testifying contact thing to these two guys that were walking in the opposite direction from where we were going, and we offered to share, one of them immediately said "Ya, I want to listen." THAT was super cool, because that almost never happens. We usually have to push and nudge and make them feel a little uncomfortable before they're ready to listen, but this guy was supr eager. His name is Arvin Tolloc, and he should be pretty promising as well.

In other news:
Remember that river I mentioned? It's now raised about another 25 feet, and has about 5 feet to go before it overflows. And this is just the beginning of the rainy season. Apparently floods are actually like a super real thing here. Sort of exciting, sort of terrifying. 72 hour kits are being stressed like crazy right now.

Well times about up. Love you! Thank you!

Elder Syphus

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