Sunday, September 13, 2015

Week 61 (Sept. 13, 2015 Talavera, Philippines)

Dear Mom and Dad​

The Sabbath Day really is such a misunderstand and important principle, so I can definitely see why it would be such a focal point for discussion. It's been huge as well in Mission and Stake Conferences as well, so you know the Lord wants us to understand, haha.

The basement sounds awesome!! I don't know if I want pictures, or just to be surprised when I see it when I come home. That's crazy though, how much is happening!! Sounds like Kratelet and Clel will enjoy a bit of permanent residence for a while :P

Monday: We ate at this really nice Pizza Place called Shakey's for my companions 1 year mark. Highly recommended, though I don't know if it's in America. Sort of like Pizza Hut though :) I also bought a new watch from Seiko, because my old one broke. Loving the watch too :D

Tuesday: Elder Johnson the Zone Leader did exchanges with one of our housemates so it was fun talking to him and getting some advice from him about teaching and finding and things. Alway helpful

Wednesday: We taught a really cool investigator for the first time in two weeks after his long recovery from the Flu. Still a little weak, but he's glad to be back in Action. His name is Roger Arcilla

Thursday: Celebrated the actual year mark of Elder Chand by eating at Jollibee for lunch and him catching a giant frog for dinner. After the hour trudge home in the rain with the thing constantly trying to escape, our house mate told us it was poisonous, so we disappointedly dropped it off in the field behind our house :P

Stake Conference was yesterday and we had a few excellent talks on the Sabbath and Tithing from the Stake Presidency, Mission President Clark, and an Area Seventy. Awesome stuff :)

Love you so much!!

Elder Syphus


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