Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 62 (Sept. 21, 2015 Talavera, Philippines)

So I decided to throw the Pictures down first just to make sure they get there :P
Dear Mom,
I love you :)

Love, Elder Syphus

PS. We had a pretty good week this week. I actually wrote about it in my journal. But I didn't bring my journal :P I'll tell you what my planner says though-

Monday- Elder Silva's Birthday. He's from Sri Langka and was baptized about 2 or 3 years ago. He's 24 now (we had to give him a hard time about being the old man in the mission. All in good fun :) ), and so Elder Chand and I decided to get him something, so we stopped by a bakery and bought him a birthday cake. Lucky for me/him, I just so happened to have a box with exactly 24 birthday candles (thanks Mom!!), so we made it extra special for him :) He seemed to enjoy it, and the cake was good, so we all had a good time :)

Tuesday- We had exchanges with Talavera B. Elder Valdez and I were in our Area with Elders Silva and Chand in theirs. Elder Valdez is an awesome missionary and it was really cool to work with him. When it comes to contacting people I can get a little stressed, especially when they're in big groups. I attract enough attention as it is, and when passerby see me talking to a fellow countryman of theirs, they feel it their obligation to come in and interrupt us. However, Elder Valdez was excellent at just going for everyone, even if it was a group of like 10 grown men cock fighting. He showed me that I didn't need to worry about the people, and just remember exactly why it is that we talk to them. Good guy Elder Valdez :)

Wednesday- We started teaching the Manuel Family again because their son who is an active member in the Ward is now living in their home again, so we have some very needed member help :) Sister Manuel was baptized just as I came into the area, but she's in Saudi Arabia right now for overseas work :/ Right now we're teaching her husband and 2 sons who haven't yet been baptized. They're really receptive and do a good job at reading the things we give them, but haven't attended church yet because of Brother Manuel's Job. The thing is that hes his own boss though, so it's truly just based on whether or not he wants to. We're focusing right now and helping him understand the importance of church attendance.

Thursday- We got 2 new investigators, Kevin and Jonna. Good people so far :)

Friday- I got to deal with a missionary not wanting to take up till 1 PM. Silly disobedience, always causing problems :) (It's alright now, though. We got him some good help.)

Saturday- We taught our 2 super investigator families, which was wonderful. The Frank Valdez Family, the Anthony Valdez Family, and Roger Arcilla. All looking towards baptism in early October :D I hope I don't get transferred!!

Sunday - Bishopric got reorganized. That was exciting. The old Bishop is now on the Stake High Counsel. Cool stuff.

Sorry that Thursday through Friday were so short, but O've run a bit short on time again :P Love you though!! Next week!!

PPS. Do you want a clay carved scripture case? It's almost like a combination of Book binding and pot making classes. Really cool.


Don't know If I already sent you these pictures, but I bought $18 shirt the other day for $1.50. It's a Fish Tank. Get it?

My new super Sandals.

Want a pair Erik? They've got Really nice tread and they have kinds with ankle straps so they're basically open everything shoes. Really good quality and really popular in the Pinas.

We had a Zone Activity. Here we are :)

Before the Zone Leaders showed up.

What a little cutie :P

Old watch

New Watch

Queen Caterpillar

Demon Caterpillar

A Zone shirt design I presented. This is it on paper, thanks to an Elder in our Zone.

I bought some awesome face towels, but the Persa Gel bleached them :( This is what they looked like before they got ruined.

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