Sunday, October 11, 2015

Week 65 (Oct. 11, 2015 Talavera, Philippines)

When I heard Elder Holland's talk in General Conference, I just..... I don't know. I don;t even know how to describe how much love I felt for you. I definitely shed some tears, and started to miss you like crazy, but no worries, no thoughts of cutting the Mission short :) Just always know how much I truly love you!!

Conference in general was awesome, and I'm really realizing how awesome Elder D Todd Christofferson is. Of course, they're all amazing, but I was going over my other Conference notes, and saw how much I've been getting from his talks, and how much it has all helped me.
President Monson seemed really passionate about his talk which was beautiful, but it's kind of worrisome how weak he is getting. He had to be helped from the Pulpit, didn't he? It's just an incredible blessing to know that they won't be taken till their duty is done.
Elder Bednar's talk was another one of my favorites, with him sharing those quotes from those past Prophets and Apostles. What really hit me though was how right after he ended while I was still pondering over what he said, the choir started singing "As I have love you, loved one another," and it just hit me so strongly that that was an admonition coming not only from the Savior but from all those Elder Bednar had just spoken for, as their final wish and admonition to all of us. It's incredible to think how much they truly do love all of us, despite having never met hardly any of us. They truly can see us as God sees us, and it makes their love for us so much more powerful. Gaaaah!!! I can't put into words how incredible it all was!!! I LOVE GENERAL CONFERNECE!!!

Anyway, I'll answer your question now: Yes, I'm still in Talavera!! :D However, I don't know how many baptisms we'll be able to experience, because rumor is that this is a 4 week transfer instead of the typical 6 for some reason, which means the 4 or so happening in November will be just out of my reach :/ Roger still seems like he'll make it in October, but some things came up that we need to fix before he can be baptized, and Anthony hasn't been attending church for the past couple weeks because he's out working with his dad, so we'll have to move his baptismal date until he better understands the importance of attending church. His Mom is progressing really well though, so we'll so what happens with her. They really are and awesome family, they just don't have the paternal support they need, which is sending a crushing blow into their progression. Things will all work out, though :)

So, Elder Chand and I get another 4 weeks at least with each other, which should be fun. Not much else happened this week, or no that I really remember just because I filled up my Journal and need to buy another one :P Not many people were transferred though, which is surprising. For the most part the zone seems to have stayed the same. A few went home, and a few are training, but besides that, we're all the same.

Anyway, love you!! Thanks for the letters and emails and things!! :D

Also, if you could just let my friends and others know that if they'll email me their home address, I'll write them a letter, just because I don't have a ton of time to email them all. Thanks Mom!!!

Elder Syphus

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