Sunday, October 25, 2015

Week 66 & 67 (Oct. 25, 2015 Talavera, Philippines)

Hi Mom!

Sorry that I wasn't able to email last week. We were in Home Arrest all throughout P-Day, and the signal went out on our phone so we didn't get the announcement that it was okay to go out and email Tuesday Morning until it was too late :P We're all good now though.

The last two weeks have been sort of crazy. Just a bunch of running around trying to get everything in place before the storm moved in, and then trying to get it all up and running again afterwards. We had 3 straight days without electricity, so by 6 PM we were blind without candles. It's all good though. I got to fulfill my dream of writing in my journal by candlelight :P

Ya, I know the photos are kinda cheesy, but it was still really fun :D This was after the storm had already passed. The electricity was just down for an extended period of time. However, waking up to it all on Sunday Morning was kinda freaky. It was really loud, and we couldn't even see anything, but not because of the rain. During the middle of the night, the wind blew down a giant tree next to our house and almost squashed us. Literally though. Our roof was all bent and dented. We look out the window, and this is all we see
That's the part that's supposed to be in the sky :P But nope, not in this picture. It was only like that though for another 2 or so days before a bunch of people came and chopped it all up. Not a big deal though. They were planning on taking it out anyway and putting in a BBQ House, so it worked pretty well for them :)

The REAL news, however, of the past two weeks is Anthony Valdez. Woohoo, He was baptized! It was really funny just because we had no idea how anything was going to work because we weren't able to Coordinate with him on Sunday(House Arrest), and he lives kind of far, PLUS our phone had no more load or data available for texting and calling. So we just went and filled up the font and hoped everything would work :P He knew there was a baptism so he still came, along with a few members, and then he just had some of the other Elders in our District share the lessons and then into the font. It was a little rushed and unorganized, but still really spiritual. There was also a member who had been baptized before but whose record was nonexistant, so I got to baptize him as well. The Spirit was really powerful and helped a really stressful day become a lot better :)

So some other random stuff that has happened is that we saw a family of Ducks.

And that we got to go to SM CITY CABANATUAN!! (Google it) Woo!! I think I already mentioned it yo you, but I don't know if I ever sent the picture.....

It's a fruit owl in the Super Market. Isn't he adorable? :D

Love you Mom!! Thanks for teh updates and pictures! :)

Love Elder Syphus

PS I'm 99% sure I'll be coming home on June 15. After the 4 week transfer is an 8 week transfer, so it all evens out. SISTER SHIPLEY GOES HOME AT THE END OF THE 8 WEEK TRANSFER!!!! December 30, and her mission is finished. That's so crazy!!

PPS. What's BYU looking like?

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