Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 84 (Feb. 22, 2016 Gabaldon, Philippines)

Hey Mom :)

Aimmy sounds like a champ. That would be rough to go through. I cringed a little just reading it. Eee...
Glad to hear that Kami's got loads of love and support from friends and the Fam! I'm excited (but not trunky) to be a part of it in a few months!

So, as you know, President Nelson's visit was the highlight of the week. He shared a lot of interesting stuff, and it was rally cool to get it specialized to such a small group as a mission, rather than the whole church. He passed out a few topics, but marriage strangely seemed to be a big focus for most all of the speakers.... :P I think what President Nelson hit the hardest, however, was sustaining your leaders, especially the Mission President. It was a really good meeting, and I got a deal out of it. Oh ya, and I got to sing to another Apostle. That's four now :D

Love you Mom! I'll have more time next week, hopefully.

Elder Syphus

PS. Ya, I think two americans is kinda rare.Don't quote me though :P

Here are some pictures that I found of Joel during Elder Nelson's visit on the Angeles Mission Blog. It is so good to see him so happy. He's been such an obedient and hard working missionary. Very grateful for him!

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