Sunday, February 28, 2016

Week 85 (Feb. 28, 2016 Gabaldon, Philippines)

Hey Mom!

This week has been another good one, as they pretty much all are, haha. That's awesome to hear about the Basketball team!! It seems like Dixie is just taking off lately. Definitely Flyin' that much higher :) It's crazy how much everybody has changed in 2 years!! I didn't even recognize Tyler in the pictures, and the one of Aaron Leonard from last week blew my mind! Gaaah!! I think that's the one thing I hate most about being gone for so long. Just not being there for everybody growing and changing. I feel like time has sort of stopped for me, and that I'll go home the same (physically, not spiritually), and everybody else will just be crazy different. Example, LINKON IS WRESTLING?? Daggum, that means he's already like 3x manlier than I am, and he's 5! (I think... How old is Linkon? 7? Maybe?) Well you know what, Linkon? I lift. Boom. (I actually do lift weights now. An Elder Lewis in my District is sort of Super swole, and so when we went on exchanges this week, he gave me a bunch of pointers on how to build rather than tone.) Ya, so that's sort of my rant for the week. Sort of refreshing, if I do say so myself :)

So, stuff happened within the last 7 days!
First, we got a LOT of new investigators, 8 to be exact, but we're not completely sure how well they'll progress. A few of them are part members, others are referrals, and some we just found on the streets. I'll give you more specifics in the upcoming weeks based on their progress and testimonies. Hooray for Missionary Work!

Something not quite as awesome is an old lady who may or may not be related to one of our prime potential baptisms for the upcoming months. The investigator is Shervie Yape and the old lady is her grandmother. But I still don't KNOW if they're related. The Pilipinas is weird like that. Basically Shervie is afeared of her granny, because granny is a seventh day adventist and thinks we're sinners because we go to church on Sunday. Shervie has a testimony, but won't stand up for it! :( Ya, it's a bummer thing

I got to ride a bicycle this week. It was ridonk/ the best. I miss bicycles :P

Also, we bought a jackfruit.

Sorry, the letter lost detail REAL fast, because no more time. Love you!!

Elder Syphus

Look at me bein all suave drinkin out of a coconut shell like a man.

Silly Moses. Those are Roman Numerals.

Cause why not :)

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