Sunday, March 6, 2016

Week 86 (March 6, 2016 Gabaldon, Philippines)

Mom! Guess what!! I love you! :D

This week was enjoyable because our District is the coolest :) Remember how a few weeks ago (during last transfer), the Dingalan Elders were really struggling with the work? Ya, apparently it's because one of them just slept all day and refuse to leave the house unless it was to go to the Cyber and play computer games. Froop. Howevs, the District is carzy super awesome now, because that Elder is no longer plaguing us with his disobedience, and instead we have Elder Lewis from Springville Utah who is pretty much just ridonk dedicated the work and the Lord. He's exceeded the whole "30 Testifying Contacts" thing and is going for more like 45 a day. It's insanse (yup. insanse. with a se). So ya, we're pretty much the coolest #mnb #superhumble

So, Shervie went to church yesterday, as did Jhonel. Our BIG BIG focuses right now are those two, as well as Amparo and Mateo Ibarra. They're the coolest. Not married yet, casue they're poor and old, but when we told them it's God's way of blessing and helping our families, they were all like "Deal. Tomorrow." It didn't happen on that \'morrow but they'er still working to make it happen. Plus they really really really realy want of go to chgurch and are trying so hard to find a way to get there/ Sorry really fasdt type no time to correct. I love you mom so much!! I love being a missionary so much!! I dhad a dream that i was home already and it wat the worest!!!!!! I lvoe it our here a tons!!

Elder Syphus

(Cute email to Shaun and Katie)
Happy Anniversary Shaun!!!! You're sort of like a legend here in the Mission. Everyone knows you as "Elder Syphus' super Pogi brother."

You know what's awesome? I know for a fact that you and Katie have been married for exactly 2 years today, March 7th. Because 2 years ago yesterday, I opened my Mission Call, and then we went to Red Robbin (yum) for Dinner. I just told the waiter guy to give me whatever you ordered. Didn't regret it.

Anyhoo, you're the coolest and I love you!! Plus I was totally the fist person ever to tell you and Katie to get married. Don't believe me? I'll tell you when. You, Dad, and I just finished listening to the Priesthood Session of conference and we went over to Marv's afterwards for Dinner. You invited Katie to eat with us as a strictly "we're just friends, nothing romantic, cause we're besties" kind of hangout sesh. Then we ate and we're on our way home, and I said Hey Shaun, Marry her. You said, no we're friends. And then you got married :) You're Welcome.


Elder Syphus

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