Sunday, May 1, 2016

Week 94 (May 1, 2016 Gabaldon, Philippines)

Happy Birthday to all of my Siblings!! ALL OF THEM. There, that takes care of that for the next year ;)

Dear Mom,

This week has been kind of rough, but awesome at the same time. Everybody is starting to get sick, and so the work in the District has been down. I'm pushing through a cold right now, but feel fine except for a clogged nose. There was an emergency transfer in the District, and so Elder Flores is now in Cabanatuan, with Elder Pulu from Tonga taking his place here in Bongabon. I've never worked too closely with an Islander before, so I'm actually super excited. He seems super nice, and hardworking, which Islanders typically are, but maybe a little bit too fun-loving if you know what I mean, haha. I really am excited though. Haven't met him in person yet, but have had a few good talks with him on the phone, so we're pretty much bffs already. #mnb

So, about progress with investigators! Amparo and Mateo weren't able to make it to church this week because there was no one to spot him for the hour he needed, so that was kind of a bummer, but both Jemmalyn Paminutan and Leonardo Facon were able to attend, which is awesome, because Jemmalyn has only been once, a long time ago, and this is Leonardo's first time. We followed up with them afterwards, and Leonardo says he really enjoyed it and is excited for next week. Jemmalyn really likes it too, but struggles with her son who isn't quite used to Primary yet. He'll stay and play with the other kids there for about 20 minutes before having to come find his Mom. The Gospel Essentials class has pretty much become a 2nd Primary, anyway, haha. The kids are fun, if not a little bit rambunctious. It's okay though. I've learned patience :P

This week, we also had Zone interviews!! It was crazy awesome, because it wasn't your typical gathering in the stake center as a Zone with President and Sister Clark, but instead, they went house to house throughout the mission, interviewing us in our homes. It was sort of crazy stressful just trying to get everything clean before Sister Clark showed up (I really want to go off into a tangent right here, but I'll control myself), but we passed, no problem. It's a good thing the lights were off though, because I forgot to erase my pencil drawing off the wall next to my bed, haha. It's okay. I'll erase it later ;) The actual interview, was totes my favorite part of course, and here's why: 1-on-1 Q&A with President Clark. Normally I don't really take advantage of this opportunity, but there were a few questions I really wanted answered, and he was more than willing to appease me. There was only one question I was dying to ask him, and his answer was the best. I simply asked him about his favorite part of being a Mission President. He old me that it was in seeing Missionaries mature. From seeing them move from being this dorky little kid right out of high school (not necessarily talking about myself, so don't be too quick to assume) to becoming an effective minister of the Gospel. He says that ya, baptisms are nice, but his experience would be a lot less bearable and enjoyable even if it were a bunch of programmed robots getting done twice as much work as we are, rather than us stumbling along,tripping into success every now and then as we go, haha :P President Clark is the coolest.

But he sure does have sucky timing. He dropped off some mail before he left that I really didn't want to receive. Too make a long story short, it's been confirmed! I'll be seeing you all next month!

Anyhoo, that was the week. It was a good one....ish :P

Love you Mom!! We can use Google Hangouts again and it'll be Sunday evening for you guys at approximately 8 pm. Talk to you then!

Elder Syphus

This is a couple of pictures and an excerpt from Sis. Clarks (MP's wife) blog....
"We combined all of the Third Chair pictures onto one large tarpaulin poster and display it in our office. We love this "quilt" of pictures that reminds us to live our lives in such a way that we can always have the Holy Ghost with us in lessons.
We are in awe at the goodness of our dear, dear Angeles Missionaries. Thank you for the most memorable round of interviews!"

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