Sunday, May 8, 2016

Week 95 (May 8, 2016 Gabaldon, Philippines)

We loved skyping with Joel last night and he is enjoying his mission so much. In fact, when he talked about coming home he said he felt bad that he wasn't even excited and then he started to cry. Of course, we all teared up with him knowing of his tender feelings for his mission. It's going to be hard for him but he was advised from Pres. Haynie to come home and go to his bishop and start working in the temple so this has him at least looking forward to still serving his Heavenly Father in some way. We are so proud of him and the joy that he has felt in serving the Philippine people. As much as we are excited to see him soon, we also have heavy hearts right along with him. All will be well though!!! Love to all of you!​

Quick Email:

I have 6 weeks left, and I will NOT let it go to waste. I am super excited to work miracles with the help of the Lord, and finish with a bang. For Katelyn, and Mom, and Shaun, and anyone else I talked about it to: this really has been the BEST 2 YEARS, that everyone talks about. I really struggle finding it at first, but I've found it now, and it's blessed my life like crazy. Thank you so much for all of your love and support and advice, and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all of you mothers!!

We had a good week this week. Fair share of trials and road blocks, but I guess those never really go away. Like I said, we didn't have any investigators go to church which was rough, but we're hopefully going to get all of them there next time. Amparo and Mateo struggle betwixt themselves, but we got things running pretty smoothly, so it should all be good. If the Lord's a miracle worker (and He is), our district could have 7 more baptisms this month of May, but that of course also has to fall in line with everyone's agency. It saves 'em and breaks 'em.

Quick update about Amparo:she's the coolest. She can't read a lot of the time because of her eyesight, but whenever she's able to borrow glasses, she does incredible. She said that she borrowed a pair from her neighbor after we taught her a lesson, and started reading from a verse we read to her. (I actually don't remember the verse) Anyway, we ask her about what she learned, and she goes crazy in depth about Alma and Amulek's story in Ammonihah, with all these details, and so we gave her Jacob 5 to read and ponder over, and when we followed up with her there, she started talking about the surface story of the chapter, but then moved into what it meant with all the symbolism and everything!! Scattered israel, nephites and lamanites, gathering of isareal. E'rythang. She's the coolest.

Anyhoo, love you so much!! See you in 6! I'll make it worth it!!!

Elder Syphus

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