Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 99 (Camiling, Philippines June 6, 2016)

Dag'gum!! That's crazy to hear about Kendyl. I hope she'll be alright. She shoulda just gone ape on that rope and swung the crap out of it. That's what I would've done. Ya, prolly :D

I was a little surprised as well to hear about Family Camp, but it's fine. It'll be fun to just hang around with the family a bit wherever we are. I'm glad we still get most everybody home (I didn't really understand the whole work and school and other stuff thing. I think it means that some people are or might be or not there. I think)

So, sort of really rushed right now. Lot sof stuff to prepare for and get done with TOO LITTLE TIME!! Gaahh!! I can't believe next week's email will be my last :( Anyway, we had a really rough week in terms of work, but an awesome two day MLC meeting at the Mission Home with President Clark with a bunch of other missionaries. First time I've been back since my first day in the mission. PLus free breakfast lunch and dinner :P Anyway, we went over a bunch of stuff about improving the flow of the mission and the work and continuing to prepare people for the gospel at a steady rate, not random, unpredictable blotches or spurts. And a new dress code. Sisters get to wear slacks now. (look it up on Any, that was all on Monday and Tuesday, and then we shared all the stuff we learned with the missionaries in the zone on Wednesday. It was fun :) We had two of our investigators interviewed for baptism, and they will both be baptized on the 11 of June. Marlon Bautista and Jessica Simon. Marlon is 38 and is the coolest. His wife and son were baptized a few weeks ago, and now he's finishing the family. Jessica is only 9, and her cousin is a member. She isn't super converted yet, but what 9 year old is? She likes church, and has good support, so I think she'll turn out pretty well din.

Yesterday we had more meetings with President Clark and the District Presidencies. I'm not really sure how that went :/ I sort of feel like my companion is in the mindset of "Well, he'll only be here for a few weeks, and then I'll have to train someone else all over again, so why bother?" It's rough, but we do have a better relationship now, just not really as missionary companions. Not much time to change it either :/

Anyhoo, all is good though, and today was a huge stress reliever. We had a bomb zone activity going on a hike and then having lunch on the river. Pics at the end.

Love you Mom!! I'll write again in a week, and I'll see you in two!!!

Elder Syphus


Elder Maestrado!! He's visiting his past areas and this just happened to be one of them!!! Plus, he's engaged! :D

This was earlier. Cheapest mode of transportation = back of District Presidency Counselor's truck :P

The lunch spot :)

This is how Sisters take buddy photos #realfriends

This is how Elders take buddy photos #batch #stalkerfrombehind

Half of our Zone is sister missionaries which is a large portion. Here they chill while the Elders go climb rocks.

View from the top of the rocks.


Group #1

Group #2 #segragated #Justkidding #wereallfriends

Truckin home

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