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Week 7 (Aug. 24, 2014 San Leonardo, Philippines)

First, send a Happy birthday to Kambree, Dad, and Shaun for me! Sorry I forgot last week :P
This week has actually been pretty great... I just wish I remembered it all :P I should probably just bring my journal whenever I write emails, because it Should all be in there :)
I'll just go day by day though, and put in as much as I can from off the top of my head :)
After Emailing last week, we went to the local WalterMart (Yes, Walter, not Wal :P ) and I got some Cookie Crisp and a box of milk. It was nice to have a taste of home again ;)
Wednesday was exciting because we had a "Mission Tour," and met up with a bunch of other Zones in the Angeles Mission. I saw Sister Dalley again!! This time we were actually able to talk for a while :P President and Sister Ardern of the Asia Area Presidency were the Special Guest Appearances, and they gave really nice talks. Sister Dalley's Zone performed a Musical which she was in charge of. They sang Be Still My Soul, and she started off the third verse alone. Later, Elder Maestrado said that when she started singing, he thought it was an angel. He's right though :P Her voice is Incredible :)
Ay, this is hard :P I wish I had a better memory. I think it'll be easier if I just let you unscramble everything :P
One of the Members in our Ward, Brother Gerald, allowed us the privilege of watching him pluck and gut the duck he had just killed, before cooking it and serving it up for dinner. It was actually really good, just chewy :P The bone shards were a bit iffy, but I think I found most of them ;) I haven't tried Balut yet, but I'm hoping to soon :D Most nights, a man rides his bicycle around our Area, shouting "BALUUUUUUUUUT! BALUUUUUUUUUT!" I normally try to hide while Elder Maestrado laughs, but he showed me how to eat it the other night and it doesn't look that bad. Except it only tastes good at night, because you can't see it, dow :P Also, you have to eat it with salt and/or Spicy Vinegar.
Today is Tsinelas Day here in Gapan. They have entire Parades and Festivals dedicated strictly to Flip Flops. Yup. Flip Flops. EVERYBODY here wears flips flops. The Motor Cycle Drivers, and construction workers, the Missionaries on P Days (During Non Missionary Attire Activites, of course ;) ), everybody. It's sort of exciting and Super confusing :P
The other day as we were driving down the street on a Trike, I saw a stand selling Gasoline. In order to measure a Liter, they use Soda Bottles. This Particular Gasoline Stand was using Pepsi Bottles. The left side was labeled "Regular" and the Right said "Unleaded." I actually started laughing pretty hard :) It was nice little remember of Dad :)
Also, Karaoke here is EXTREMELY popular. People rent Karaoke missions ALL the time at ALL hours of the day AND night. On my First day, our Zone Leader, Elder Magno, told me "You will learn that all Filipinos love to sing, even if their voice is so ugly." And it's so true :P They don't care how they sound, they just love to have a good time :) I've gotten quite a few "solos" myself out here :P Elder Maestrado doesn't have the greatest pitch, but loves to sing before every lesson, so he chooses the song, and tells me to choose the key. I find what's comfortable, and sing the first line or so by myself before we restart with everyone. Despite their love for it, I've yet to meet a great Filipino Singer ;)
On a more spiritual note, we have four baptismal dates set! I'm not sure how many are going to work out, but a few seem legitimately interested in the Message (I'm still not a huge fan of "Our Message"... I'm just the messenger. Am I looking at it the wrong way?). Julianne Conde is a Part Member. She's 10 and her Mom is Less Active. Mary Rose is an investigator, and we usually teach her with the Barrera Family, a LAR bunch. Romnik is a New Investigator we found, and asks quite a few questions, but doesn't seem to be accepting a whole lot of it. We'll see though :) The fourth is an Older Nanay, and I can't even remember her name. Mary I think. We met her doing Findings, and felt prompted to invite her to be baptized during the lesson. She accepted, but we haven't been able to meet with her since. She's been out of town :\
Another Thing I found very spiritual and Motivating is in Alma 43:47. It says to "Defend your families even unto bloodshed." I think it's incredible, that God would rather have us Take another Man's life, if it means protecting our families. Murder is one of the worst sins you can commit, right about up there with denying the Holy Ghost, but if it means protecting your family, then do it. It really shows how important Families are in God's Plan. Really puts things into perspective :)

Anyway, love you all!! I'd defend you unto bloodshed, but know I won't have to!! The Lord protects his Disciples!!
Elder Syphus

​My Tatay was a Trainer before, and therefore has another Anak. My Kapatid! Elder Tufele :) He's a Psycho, and will eat anything put in front of him. I'm so Proud :P
PS Gel doesn't work so great :P

​Sister Dalley and Me!! It's hot out in the Philippines, so I'm usually more red than white :P I just wanna be tan ;)
(I fixed my hair after I saw the last picture :P)

​Zone Activity!! Today we went to one of the National Parks in Gapan and hiked along the cliffs between the lake and the jungle. It was Gorgeous!

A homemade Kawayan Bridge :) (Bamboo) A few of the more muscular missionaries were a little unsure but I thought it was sturdy enough ;)
 Cliff Jumping- Not Even Once
Emperor's New Groove, anyone? 
Though I don't think they could've caught themselves here :P 
 Rockin the Woot shirt!! :D

We made it through! Havin some fun on the beach.

Pics from Sis. Clark's Mission blog

Dinner at the mission conference

Answers to questions:
Our Area is San Leonardo. There aren't enough members for a ward, so we're just the San Leonardo Group. Sister Clark said she was going to send all the Parents an interactive map with our exact location starred. Has she not?
I like the Dear Elders. Thank you!
Elder Maestrado is from a smaller island in the Philippines- Buhol. Their native language is Cebuano.
Ya, the money we have is plenty (so far :P) I'll probably withdraw around $25 a month for personal spending until I'm out. That's 1000 Pesos.
I don't know if we're allowed to watch videos. I know we can't send them, so probably not :/
And yes, Elder Maestrado is still awesome :)
I actually though of some things I need/would like. First, a tie Hanger, like Shaun has. That would be SUPER helpful :) If you could get me a Pocket Sized Children's Songbook as well, and a little baby Book of Mormon. Literally Pocket sized. You could probably wrap it in a single dollar bill. Basically some stuff Avonlea had me try to get for her at the MTC, but they were all out. Maybe you can find out what They're sending Sister Dalley with her packages that you think I might want or need, and ask me about it. Because I know I won't think of anything :) Thank you!!

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