Thursday, August 7, 2014

Week 5 (Aug. 7, 2014 MTC Manila, Philippines)

Hi Mom! :D
My appetite is still pretty low, but I've maintained the 10 pounds I've gained :P
I love photos and stories. It's nice to see how everyone is doing :D
Ya, I'll try to find a suit coat out in the field, but I'll let you know again if I still need one :)
We will be driven from the MTC Wednesday morning, VERY early :P We stay in the Mission home for two days, so my next Email may actually be a little sooner than normal, rather than later. I'm not sure though, so don't take my word for it :)

That's crazy that Mike's already gone! Whoa!! And school already??? That's insane! What do Kambree and Kendyl's schedules look like? Also, the SLC flight isn't the only thing down for a month; The Manila Temple is undergoing renovations, so we weren't able to go today, but we went last Saturday. Two days in a row!! The new video is INCREDIBLE. I love the different kind of attitude Satan has. It's super interesting to ponder on.
You told a bit about a few deaths last email, but I saw that you meant to delete it, so I didn't say anything. First off, that's so sad to hear, especially about Mrs. Lusk. It's definitely a blessing having the knowledge we do about the next life though :) The reason I bring it up today, is because of something that happened this last week: we lost someone here as well. Our incredible and inspiring District Leader, Elder DeLaMare, was sent home Wednesday Morning at 5 o'clock for personal reasons. He will return in about a year though, and we're all excited to see him again. He's an incredible person, and a great leader. I won't say keep him in your prayers, because that's not allowed, but he's definitely in all of ours. Elder Chan is now with Elder Murdock and I in a tri-some. He's District Leader now, and has been doing a great job, but still misses Elder DeLaMare. I'm thankful we had Proselyting again on Wednesday, because it took our mind off of the matter for a while, and we all came back with brighter spirits.
Proselyting was awesome this week! I was partnered with another Zone Leader (do they think I'm a trouble maker? ;) :P ), named Elder Villaponda. He's Filipino, and is an excellent Missionary. We had a Ward Clerk Member come with us just to sit in on some of our lessons, and add somethings every now and then. We were only able to have one appointment, and I taught about God's Plan and Purpose, and Families in straight Tagalog. It was an incredible experience :D Elder Villaponda and the Member Present continued on for most of the Restoration, and I tried to pick out some words :P They speak SO fast :D I was able to say the Opening Prayer, and bore my testimony at the end. It was a good Lesson :) All the little kids were running around, gambling coins, and whenever they would shout something out, I was reminded of Linkon and Liam. They sound so similar!!! It's awesome :P I couldn't help but laugh :) As we were walking, we saw this old lady bathing out on the street. She was fully clothed, but she was soaked, sitting in a wash bin, and her head was covered with soap and suds :P It was actually kind of amusing, but humbling at the same time, just because of the condition they're all in. It's remarkable how happy they still are. The Philippines is awesome!! :D :D :D

I don't have much more to write about, so I'll just attach a few pictures and be on my way :) I love you!!
Elder Syphus

PS While I was waiting for the pictures to load, I thought of a few more things :P I passed the Sacrament on Sunday, and will be blessing it in Tagalog Tomorrow :) I also bore my testimony because it was Fast Sunday! Only 22 More :D Whoa!!
This is Shaun (from Pysch). I bought him at Rustan's after emailing last week because of how adorable he his :D This is him with his Tribal mask.
This is him without the mask, with my uber flashflight and pink raspberry lemonade in back. We had him for lunch on Monday. I have a new favorite way to cut and eat Pineapple :D (Sorry for all the gory details ;) )
Our new Kasamahan. Although we all miss Elder DeLaMare, we're blessed to still have the help of one another. Elder Chan is awesome!


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