Friday, August 1, 2014

Week 4 (Aug. 1, 2014 MTC Manila, Philippines

Yes, I did finally get the debit card. Thank you! I also got 2 Dear Elders from Mark. It's so fun reading about his week :) Thank you for the Highlights! I love it :)
The "split" was extremely needed. It was nice to get a break :) Elder Murdock is okay, but he's really immature and very self righteous :/ I struggle, but I've only got two more weeks. Which means I've been out a month!! :D
I would LOVE letters: especially handwritten. Like Shaun was telling Delaney- it's like Christmas to get a physical note from someone :) Please send! :D

So, during District meeting the other night, we were studying the Book of Mormon- we each just picked a favorite scripture to share. Sister Bishop shared Alma the Younger's experience of repentance, and when I opened up to follow along, I saw Dad's handwriting at the top: "The Path to Repentance." It was just such a shock to see his handwriting in MY scriptures, of all places. After Sister Bishop finished, I shared what I found, and just bore my testimony about how the Path is always there. We all stray, but no matter how far you go, you can always find your way back. I cried like a man :P It was a really spiritual experience, though :)
I've gained weight! About 10 pounds, or 4 kilos, actually. I don't understand why, because I seem to be losing my appetite (as in, I can't eat as much) :/ That's actually probably the most upsetting thing in my life right now :P I don't know what it would be from, so your guess is probably better than mine :P
So, on Wednesday, we went Proselyting in the City! I was paired with a Zone Leader from the Manila Mission, and we walked through the slums. It was an incredible experience. I got to ride a Jeepney, which is sort of like a really small bus the never really stops. You just hop on from the back and pass your money to the front. The driver counts out your change during the ride and passes it back. It's actually really cool :P Anyway, our first stop was a RC at his work. We were lucky enough to catch him on break, so we just stood and talked for a bit. Elder Webb had me relay some phrases over, and was a huge help :) While we were talking, I felt someone pulling on my pants, so I turned around and there was just a crowd of little 5 or 6 year old kids wanting to play with the Elders :D We gave them all hi-fives, cause that's the extent of the contact we're really aloud to make, and starting walking to our appointment. They kept running around us, and everytime we rounded a corner, we would hear "ELDERS!" and turn to see a few more little kids running for us. One grabbed onto my arm as I walked and just hung. It was SO funny :P One Elder actually had two siblings climb up onto his shoulders!! He just laughed and kept talking to people. Then he committed a guy to get baptized. After knowing him for 5 minutes. It's an Awesome story :D Our appointment fell through because Brother Cedric was gone (we were an hour late), so we just talked with some members. The homes are SO small, but the people are SO happy. It's remarkable.
We went to the Temple again today, and we saw the newest video! It's really interesting, the way they set the mood and everything. Don't look at it as bad acting. Read the expressions as actual expressions. It gives a whole new view on everything. I LOVED the Creation Sequence. Beautiful Watercolors.

Tell everyone how much I love them!! But I love you most!! :D
Love, Elder Syphus

                                                                                                                                               Ammon District on Birthday Tuesday!
Are dearly departed Zone Leaders, Elders Tan and Hartfield.
Now in their respective missions. Elder Tan is an amazing Missionary.
                                                                                                                                                  Elder Chan being a Ninja Assassin
Found the Glass as Rustan's. 
It was the one thing I could find that reminded me of home, So I grabbed it.
I plan on filling it with Pepsi when I leave the MTC :D 
Elder DeLaMare is in the back getting ready for his Foot Zone

Angel Moroni spire from the MTC Courtyard                             
                                                 Gym Building from the Courtyard
Missionary Purpose inside the MTC Lobby                              
                                               Not quite like Dad's but it's pretty good :)                             
"Cookie put her SWEAT and BLOOD into this cake, 
and you will consume the ENTIRE confection."
"Entire Confection!"..

"See ya at lunch..."

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