Sunday, January 18, 2015

Week 28 (Jan. 18, 2015 San Leonardo, Philippines)

Hi Mom :)

The youth mission thing sounds like a really cool idea :) I remember Kylie and Katelyn doing it, but I never got to. Is it just for the Young Women, or did they just skip my group? Either way, sounds awesome :) If I were to cook something from the Philippines, it would probably be adobo. But that's from Spain. The only thing here that's pure Filipino is Balot, and I don't know if I can get that in America. Everything else is either from Spanish or Chinese/Japanese cultures. They have this dessert that's called Halo Halo, but I'm not sure if that's pure Filipino either. It literally translates to Mixture Mixture (SUPER MIXTURE!). Basically it's ice, gelatin cubes, beans, different beans, cream, and Purple ice cream (YAM FLAVORED!) It's a party. There's a small child standing next to me, reading my letter to you. He's Filipino, but most Filipino's have a basic grasp of English, so I'm not sure if he understands or not. He's not reacting at all. Just standing there. Well, I guess that's it.

We get to go to the temple twice throughout our mission. We got to go once a week in the MTC, and I'll get to go again a day or two before I go home, but the other two aren't for sure things. If I help a Recent Convert or Less Active Return prepare for endowments and/or Temple Sealings, I can accompany them, but only twice. Right now, we have a Less Active Return and a Recent Convert Couple goaled for the 7th of March. If they're ready by that time, I can go with them, depending on how far my area is from the temple. It has to be to and back in one days time. 

I love the packages :) The Jerky was my fault. I didn't realize it could mold, and I was trying to make it last. I really can just buy a microwave. It's like, $60-70. I'll just lug it around in my suitcase :P (I probably won't though :P ) I'm sure I can make the cheesecake and oreo dessert work out somehow. It may not be top-notch prepared-in-America good, but I don't think I'll die because I mixed it with a whisk rather than an electric beater. I'll play around later if I have time, and let you know how it goes :)

I did prepare a box of the pancakes this morning though, and that worked out all right. We don't have a griddle, and our pots and pans are garbage. Even with the flame on the lowest of the low, they still burnt a little before the middle was all cooked. Just more experimenting :P

I also made some bacon and eggs. Sadly enough, bacon has come to be the bane of my existence out here. It's sort of super impossible to cook a whole strip of it out in the Philippines. I've tried everything. Frying it in a pan (midde burns and ends are completely raw), cooking it in the toaster oven (Katelyn would like this one. At 4 minutes and 59.9 seconds, it's still raw. At 5 minutes, it's nice and cooked. At 5 minutes and 00.01 seconds, it's black and shriveled.). I've even tried angrily throwing the few remaining raw pieces at the dog who always stands outside our door whenever I burn something (he stands outside our door a lot.... what does he know, anyway..)
Anyway, that was breakfast :D

Transfers are on the Thursday after this one. I think I'd be happy anywhere. I'd love some heavy fielded areas, or mountainous if those even exist in the Philippines. I here the weather is great at this time of year in Russia and Norway. I wouldn't mind serving out there for a year or two either ;) (I just super super miss the cold :( :) )

San Leonardo is huge. It's like working in the entire Saint George Area, including Bloomington, Diamond Valley, and everywhere in between, and all on foot. Some areas here are pretty heavily occupied, but there are a lot of fields too.

First off I just wanted to wish Grandma White a happy birthday last week and am very sorry I forgot to say so last week :( Also, happy Martin Luther King Jr day to you all tomorrow :) No school, I assume?

​This week wasn't too super exciting. At least, not that I can remember. Victor Riego is progressing really well. When we taught him the Word of Wisdom, he said he would go through about 10 sticks a day. Over about a week and a half, he was down to four. I offered to give him Priesthood Blessing, and the next day, he didn't touch a single cigarette :) You're absolutely right Mom. The Priesthood is incredible :) He broke the next day, and started to smoke one, but then got really dizzy so he threw it away immediately :) He wasn't able to attend church yesterday, because he had a fever, but has been reading the Book of Mormon.

We met another Now Progressing Investigator back on Tuesday. Rex De Los Santos. He's huge. And super smart. Or at least, he understands things really easily. He likes to ask a lot of questions and does a lot of personal research when we're not there. We ended up just giving him all the pamphlets and a copy of the Book of Mormon (in English. The Tagalog is too deep for him) after our second lesson. He committed to attend church yesterday, and asked if he could bring a friend. He didn't end up coming because he fell asleep at 4 in the morning while reading Conference Talks on He seems to be a pretty promising investigator :P

I don't have much more to say for this week. Sorry :/ I'll try to keep better track of my week, but no promises :P

Love you!!

Elder Syphus

​Temple pictures laminated :)

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