Sunday, January 4, 2015

Week 26 (Jan. 4, 2015 San Leonardo, Philippines)

Hello Mom!
No, I haven't received Grandma's Christmas Card yet, but I have received a lot of letters, and I love every single one of them :) They're probably my favorites :P Really, like I think I prolly told you when I skyped you guys, I can literally hear her voice as I read them. I always laugh and smile whenever I read her letters :) They're wonderful :)

I still don't know why I look thin. I weighed myself the other day, and I have lost some weight since the MTC, but I'm the same as I was back at home. 125 lbs :P I'd say it's because the little bit of fat I used to have has turned into muscle, but we all know THAT'S never gonna happen -.- :P So ya.... Don't know:P

​Grandma ​Syphus today and Grandma White next week as well as everyone else that has birthdays this month :D

Well, on Monday, after emailing and eating and othering, I went to get a haircut. The barber I wanted was gone for some reason, but I REALLY needed a haircut, and the only available option was the 80 year old deaf guy that I went to before. I decided to risk it. I almost wish I didn't :P He practically buzzed the sides of my head with his little baby scissors, and barely touched the top. I look like a Justin Beiber... A very sad Justin Beiber that just got his Ferrari taken away. Ugh. Oh well. Next time :P

On a different day, New Year's Eve to be exact, we were only allowed to be out of the house until 6 PM, then it was inside for the rest of the night. I don't know if this is only in the Philippines, or everywhere that isn't Utah, but it seems like the only way people know how to celebrate the New Year is by getting drunk, so I decided to join in and bought a liter of Pepsi. It didn't have the same effect as every one else's drinks, but it was delicious none the less :P We were fed a bunch again, and had a TON of stuff to take home. Chocolate eclair, a plate of barbecue, a container of Spaghetti and some Coconut Fruit Salad. That's all we ate for the next three days :P Elder Nalumen went to bed at about 9. I pulled out the Birthday supplies you sent me, threw on a party hat, and ate some eclair off of my Cars plate :P It was fun to just goof around again :) I ended up washing the paper plate, drying it, and putting it back with the others. I never know when I'm going to need some party supplies :) I ended up going to bed at 10:30, and waking up at Midnight to the sound of all the fireworks. I pulled out the little horn things, had some fun with those for a little while, drank a glass of Pepsi, watched the fireworks, and went back to sleep :)

Every one was still drunk the next day, so we didn't teach a lot of lessons or contact very many people. Basically just walked around trying not to get hit by the random motorcycle taxis everywhere. I'm amazed there were no accidents. We had some left over food at a couple appointments with Recent Converts or Progressing Less Actives (The non progressing less actives were drunk :P ).

On the Second, I celebrated my six month mark! :D Of course, that means burning a Tie :) It was a tie that I brought, but have never been able to wear because it's too thin and therefore isn't allowed. I tried it on though, just for the one day, and I actually liked it. It was kind of a shame to burn it, but not really :P
 So, I tried on the tie, snapped a picture, took it off and tightened it around a stick. I sprayed it down with some sanitizing alcohol and...

 This is when the piece holding it on the stick melted through. The flaming tie fell into the puddle of alcohol on the floor and flared for a second. I screamed. It was a gleeful scream :D
 No worries, got it all under control :)
 It stank, REALLY bad :P
 And it started to drop flaming balls of molten plastic :D Notice the smoke.....

The smoke.....
 This is me running to shut off the fire alarm :D :D :D :D
 This is me bumping the table where my camera was automatically taking pictures.
 This is my camera falling over, taking a beautiful shot of the molten, flaming tie, unattended on the Bathroom floor. Good thing house here are built out of stone :P
 At this point in time, my Companion is finally waking up from his nap. We're both yelling and screaming in glee and confusion. I'm laughing my head off, and he's burying his head in his pillow. It reminds of the scene on The Incredibles when the message thing explodes. It was wonderful :P No sprinklers though :(

This was the remnants of the tie after we got everything settled down. The alarm went off three more times :P
That's an eldredge knot, by the way. Very fancy, jsyk :P
 These are some ducks. You're welcome :)

So, January 2 was a super whole ton of fun, as you all prolly know :)

Two days later, we had a Baptism interview! Mary Grace Caralde Dela Cruz. She has such a powerful testimony and is so ready for baptism.Our plan is for this upcoming Saturday. I'll fill you in on all the details next week :) Anyway, during her interview, the Spirit was SO strong. I was sitting outside the open door while they were having the interview inside, and I could still feel it. She's incredible :)

So.... I think that's it for this week. Still no cheesecake or Oreo dessert, and I think I need an electric beater too :/ I'd say I can do it by hand, but it calls for 3 minutes on medium speed. I don't know if I can make that kind of progress with a fork. Any ideas? Oh, and my jerky molded :P I didn't even know that was possible. Thankfully, I had already eaten most of it, so no worries :) Anyway, love you so much!! Thank you for everything! Love you Mom!!

Elder Syphus

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