Sunday, December 28, 2014

Week 25 (Dec. 28, 2014 San Leonardo, Philippines)

Hi Mom! :D Skyping was awesome!! I loved seeing you all :) And I think I'm the type that gets reinvigorated :) Tell Kari I was happy to see her too :P

So, last week, after transfers, I spent a day and a half, over the course of 3 days in A whole different zone, out in Cabanautan :P We had a baptism, but I don't think you should count that one for me. I met the kid the night before :) Anyway, after the baptism, Jovin (the kid that was baptized.... age 9 I think?) and his family took us across the street for lunch :) The dad took pictures, and I was the only one with a camera, so I get to keep them :) Jovin and his family are at a different table, but this is everybody else that showed up for the baptism.

The guy in green conducted and baptized, the two girls in different shades of blue gave talks, and the girl in pink showed up after the closing prayer. It would've been sad if the kid cared. I think he was too upped on candy to notice. He practically dived in the baptismal font after shouting "SWIMMING!" Ah well. It was fun :)

Later that day, the guy in Green, girl in Dark blue, and girl in pink worked with us during our lessons. The girl in Dark blue and the guy in Green are sort of a thing, I think, and the girl in pink is a psycho, and is sort of my favorite :P She calls me "Baby Blues Eyes." Yea, she's sort of super nuts, and really loud and hyper and awesome :D She does fine between the oping and closing prayers of the lessons, but any other time.... ya :)

We had a Mission Conference on Tuesday with one half of the mission, and our Zone got to perform Silent Night. The Zone Leaders sort of gave it me to take charge of the whole thing, but I have very little to no creative ability, and we only had a single hour and a half practice, so I taught half the guys the bass part, and let the other half sing melody with the 4 sisters in our zone. I would've added the other parts if we had more sisters, but we made do. I thought it sounded nice :) I also learned to play Silent Night on the piano :D

Also, at the Christmas Conference, I met up with all the Missionaries out of St. George!

Sister Shipley, Sister Freeman, Sister Dalley, and Elder Bundy! I need a haircut.

Our whole group at the Christmas Conference

I also got a Christmas card from a "Fish. A Girl from Hong Kong" Tell Fish thanks. She's a pal :)
Jody Hughes from the Blooming Hills YSA 2nd ward also sent me a card. She's a pal too :)
(I actually have never met either of them)

The one on the far right is from the First Presidency. They're pals too :)

I made a Christmas Tree :)

And Christmas Dinner :)

These are the most ginormousest ants I've ever seen ever. Literally as long as your finger nail is wide.

So ya, those are the pictures.

Christmas was really fun :) We visited about 10-12 homes: investigators, less actives, recent converts, and our group leader for a work report. We were fed at all but one appointment. So super delicious :P The only one we were actually scheduled to eat was our last appointment, but I was so full that I just sampled everything :P

The Day after was just as filling, with a whole bunch of left overs. I also got to Skype you guys, so that's awesome of course :)

Anyway, My brain is sort of fried right now. The music wasn't as easy as I thought and it took a bit of time, but I've finally got it. Love you though!! So much!!

Elder Syphus

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