Monday, December 8, 2014

Week 22 (Dec. 8, 2014 San Leonardo, Philippines)

Hello my Lovely Mother!! :D

I got the Envelope, but no package yet. No worries though :)
I cooked for my birthday :) More Details later :)
No news about the typhoon besides we don't need to really worry about it.

So, I actually wrote in my Journal this week!! :D About everything I did last week!! :D Which means pulling blurry memories from the back of my mind..... Yup, I've got nothing.

We still have some good investigators though :) Denmar and Mary Rose are still progressing towards the 27th, but King has to be pushed a week back. He got sick yesterday morning and wasn't able to attend church :\ We also have a family! Lyka, Leonardo, and Mrs. I don't know her name, but Leonardo is her husband, so she has to be a Mrs. Leonardo is set for January 10, but none of them have been able to attend church yet. We'll see how it all works out :)

I'm low on time today, sorry :( I blame all of the AWESOME Birthday Wishes I got (Thanks friends and family!!!!​​! :D ) So I'll cut to pictures.

Went birthday shopping on Monday. Boom. Blue na Blue :D Yay for $5 gift packages :D

I got a puzzle from a friend! I don't get it... (I also don't have a window to put all of them on) :P

Sometimes, I feel bad that I'm not a better artist. I then I think of Shaun. And then I say. "I am a top-notch artist."
Top 3 (in no order) - Shaun, Erik, Katelyn :)

Carpeso family made me dinner for my birthday. Thanks friends :) (That's not a Carpeso. That's a Jerald. He was working with us :)

Cake! :D

Story about the cake- The Carpesos gave us a ride home from Stake Conference and Sister Carpeso asked what my favorite Cake was. I didn't really answer because I'm not all that fond of cake. Brother Jerald in the back jokes "coffee cake!" Remembering a Coffee cake given to my dad and I a few years back by some members, I said "Ya, that's delicious." (It's a normal thing to say in Tagalog). Everyone starting freaking out saying "That's not allowed! Against the Word of Wisdom!" I clarified saying that it's not really coffee. It's not even coffee flavoring. I don't know why it's called a Coffee cake. It's more of a crumble cake. Anyway, they understood me, but then I showed up at there house later that night to teach a lesson, and they handed me this cake. It's coffee colored, smells like coffee, and the box is marked "MOC" Mocha? Long story short, I ate the sugar flowers, and put the cake in the fridge, waiting for a definite answer from a reliable source. 

Cooked breakfast this morning :D French Toast, Bacon, Eggs, and Orange Juice. Don't worry, my comp's plate looks the same :)

Apparently this is called "Southwest Chicken." I was told of a magical dish wish involved "black beans, corn, and shredded chicken on top of corn chips, with sour cream, cilantro, tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese on top of that." No instructions, no portions. So of course I tried it :D Turned out all right. :)
These are all of the missionaries who had birthdays in October, November and December.

Anyway, little short this week, sorry :( Next week will be better! I promise!!

Thank you, love you!!

Elder Syphus

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