Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 21 (Dec. 1, 2014 San Leonardo, Philippines)

MERRY CHRISTMAS MERRY CHRISTMAS MERRY CHRISTMAS :D :D :D :D *happy dance, happy dance, oh what a happy dance*
A few minutes ago, a motorcycle taxi drove past playing Christmas music. I said "stop it." I then I stopped. And thought. And then smiled. A big, happy, beautiful (always beautiful) smile. Like this :D 'Cause it's December 1st!! It's Christmas time!!!! :D :D :D :D :D
I miss people that know how to sing :(

So, this week won't be as detailed or long as normal because I didn't write in my journal this week :/ I opened up "Our Heritage" during Personal Study one day, and have been spending all of my free time this past week reading and then finishing that, reading and then finishing "Our Search For Happiness," and then reading but not quite finishing "Jesus the Christ." I feel like Joel again. I'm reading :D

Here's some updates though, of what I can pull off the top of my head. Mary Rose had her BGD moved to December 6!! And then they scheduled stake conference for that week. And a ward temple trip the next week. And the Ward Christmas Party on the 20th. So now she's getting baptized on December 27 :P I just hope she continues to attend church. She had the flu yesterday and missed it, and can't miss it again. That tends to be the hardest thing for investigators out here. It's the only meeting house in about a 25-30 mile radius.
Our other progressing Investigators are Denmar, and his cousin King Leonard (that's his legal name)! They're both scheduled for December 27th, and both attended Church yesterday :) This is Denmar's second time in attendance. He's probably one of our smartest investigators we've/ I've ever taught. He catches on really quick. Last Sunday, our Gospel Principal class was about the Priesthood, and then back on Wednesday, we taught him the Gospel of Christ (Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Holy Ghost, Endure to the End). After we showed him the picture of the laying on of hands to receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost, he asked how he could get the Priesthood. His cousin, King, was there and asked him "what's the Priesthood?" Denmar says "It's like God's power. If your family gets sick you can heal them with it, and baptize people." Elder Maestrado and I just looked at each other like "What? Where did he learn all this?" Turns out he actually pays attention in church. Right-O good sir. Right-o.

We also stopped by Jessica Talana's (squiggly n) house this week. She let us in, and we talked, but she wouldn't let us teach. She says she wants to become a Mormon, but wants to decide for herself. She says that when we were teaching her, we almost had her convinced, and she doesn't want to be convinced. That wasn't conviction (right?), that was CONVERSION!!! She thinks we're like, brainwashing her or something. Danielle Stergis, I blame you.

Also, I've started subconsciously comparing the work to a Harvest Moon game. In Harvest Moon, in order to build relationships with people, you talk to them every single day and give them something they like a lot, like an eggplant or a turtle....dove..... feather (It's a magical blue feather, I know. I just wanted to implement turtle somehow). Sometimes, the person isn't at home, and so you go to the only other place they ever seem to go to. That's what it's like here. Everybody seems to be in one of two places. We go and talk to all of our investigators every day to build relationships an give a spiritual thought. When they're not at the first place. They're at the Second place. Always. It's actually super convenient :)

Anyway, love you so much!!

Elder Syphus

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