Sunday, December 21, 2014

Week 24 (Dec. 21, 2014 San Leonardo, Philippines)

How long are you allowed for skyping?
I have 40 minutes for skyping, and we'll see how it goes. Erik will
have to guide both of us through it :)

Who is your new companion?
My new companion is good. His name is Elder Nalumen and he's from
Iloilo City. We've only been together for one full day though, so
you''ll here more about him next week.

Are you still serving in San Leonardo?
Yup, still in San Leonardo :)

Where was Elder Maestrado from and what are his plans now that he's home?
Elder Maestrado is from Bohol. He wants to be a seaman, but isn't sure
because that could lead to him becoming less active. I don't know much
else about it though.

Have you had a chance to make your birthday desserts yet?
I haven't made them yet. I'm planning on doing it sometime this week.
We don't have pie tins or cake pans/ the thing the Oreo dessert needs,
so I'll buy some today. And yes, I can buy milk :)

What is this I hear about the Madrigals changing their name to Aero something or other?
They changed there name at the beginning of the school year. Snow
still isn't completely sold on the idea, but she's willing to give it
a try,

Are you allowed to view little video snippets on your email from the family?
I don't really know. Sister Clark sends us a slide show every week, but
I don't know if we can accept them from our families. I would think
probably not :\

So this week was interesting. First, remember that I'm writing these
emails to you specifically. You get to decide what's suitable to share
with the public if anything at all. Just a reminder.
Things have been sort of rough since Elder Maestrado left. He's the
one that taught me just about everything about being a Missionary, and
it was really hard seeing him go. My new temporary companion was the
Zone Leader in Gapan and is COMPLETELY different than my Tatay, and
the change was a huge shock. I had to spend about 45-50 minutes one
morning just laying in bed trying to control myself. Breathing and
breathing and just emptying everything out of my head. Elder Maestrado
is very quiet and lets me handle things by myself. More than a few times
he would walk up to me and say something like "Are you okay?" "Do you
need Something?" "Should I do something?"
I realize he was just trying to help, and I truly appreciate that, but
my only response was "Ssshhhhhhhhh.... Ssshhhhhhh..... Ssshhhhhhhhhh"
I think I was saying it to myself as much as I was to him.

I was hardly able to teach any of our investigators this week, because
half of the time we were in my temp comp's area. After coming home
from the transfer meeting in Cabanautan on Thursday, we went straight
to a ward Christmas party that lasted until 10 PM. It was very loud
and chaotic and had very little if any spiritual moments, and I felt
like throwing up more than once. The music was full of swearing and
innuendos that nobody but I understood because it was in english. My
new companion was enjoying himself though, so I just took a plastic
chair outside and sat next to the window, trying to get some air.
Friday, we went back to Cabanatuan and I was left with the Zone Leader
there to work with him, while his companion and mine went to Manila to
attend the temple. I had taken three 1-hour bus rides in 2 days and
was now working with another Zone Leader in a whole different Zone.
Four companions (two of which are zone leaders), three areas, two
zones, and one big mess of emotions, all in a week. I worked with him
Friday evening, and all day Saturday. Our companions didn't get back
to Cabanatuan until around 10 PM, so we had to take the hour bus ride
home Sunday morning before our 8 AM church meetings. I sort of fell
apart again after we got home from church. My falling apart isn't that
big of a deal to anyone watching. I just lay down, close my eyes and
breath slowly. It's pretty intense though on the inside. I just tried
to empty my head again until my alarm went off, telling me that I'd
been working at it unsuccessfully for about 2 and a half hours, and
that it was time to give up and get to work. So I did. I got dressed,
we left and I stared at my feet for the whole 15 minute walk to our
first appointment. Things got better after we started teaching though,
and I made it through the day.
I don't tell you all this to worry you, but I just needed to get it
out somehow. Sorry. I should be fine this week, but I'll let you know
for sure on Christmas. Love you Mom.

Elder Syphus


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