Sunday, August 30, 2015

Week 59 (Aug. 30, 2015 Talavera, Philippines)

Dear Mine Mom,

Dad's Birthday Dinner sounds awesome :) I miss real burgers, SO much, and pretty much everything else that doesn't involve rice :P Whether it be Pizza, Pie, Burritos or Enchiladas, they don't have it here. I guess you can throw some rice in with burritos and enchiladas, but I think that that may too complicated for the Filipinos :/ So yeah, super excited to eat again in a year :P However, what I've been craving most lately (and I actually got a tinge homesick thinking about it), is Roast Beef and Mashed Potatoes. We were teaching a lesson, and the rice the guy was cooking started to burn, but for a split second, it smelt almost exactly like Roast Beef. But then it smelt like burnt rice. Go figure :P Anyhoo, still loving it out here, but definitely missing you all like crazy.

The Basement is sounding awesome!! That's going to be so exciting to see. So tell me again; what's happening to the play room? Is that being finished and becoming something special for the two of them? And what exactly are you doing right now? When I first read it, I thought it was you and Dad painting, but now I realize you're just prepping for painting. Does that mean like dry wall and plaster? Or have I just proved that my knowledge about construction is completely zero? Still sounds cool :P

Send Maddison my love. There's a new missionary who just came the other day who's from the St George Area. Her name is Sister Ott, and she's from Little Valley. She said she knew Maddison at Desert Hills, so it was cool to talk to another Homelander.

And speaking of new missionaries... No, I'm not training! Thank goodness ;) :P What happened is we got a group of Missionaries who just came from there assigned missions in India. There Visas expire after a year though, so they sort of get crated to the Filipinos and told to fend for themselves... Just kidding :P They're assigned a missionary host, and i happy to be one of the those. So my new companion, Elder Chand, knows perfectly well how to be a missionary, but just can't speak a word of Tagalog. So I'm basically a translator for the next 6 or more weeks. It's actually been kind of fun :) Of course I'm trying to teach him the Language, but it's not something that will happen over night. He's from Las Vegas, but both his Parents and all of his Grandparents grew up in Fiji. BUT, his nationality is actually pure Indian. Cool beans, huh? So, even though the language of Gospel Sharing in India is English, he stills knows how to speak Hindi, and he's been teaching me as I teach him Tagalog. It's awesome :) We also have a neighbor who has lived in the Philippines for 25 years, but grew up in India. He doesn't speak English though, so I talk to him with Tagalog, and Elder Chand talks in Hindi, and we get along just fine :P HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE IF WE GOT TO TEACH HIM?? New goal before I leave this area. Even I just teach him once, I want to help him feel the Spriti in TWO languages :D
So yeah, not training. Just hosting. And Translating :) And yup. Still District Leader.

Anyway, as for what happened here in Talavera this last week, I'm sad to say not much :/ Because it was a tripanionship, we had to juggle 2 different areas, which meant we both sort of suffered. We had some good lessons in, and found a few new Investigators, which is actually a miracle in and of itself. Four of them were even referrals. Definitely the weekly highlight :)

We got the referral from a Sister in our ward. Her name is Rose Ann, and the Referral is her younger brother and his family. It's actually incredible how God prepared them to receive the lessons. Brother Valdez (Rose Ann's brother), actually got involved in a Motorcycle accident last week because he was drunk. However, he saw it as such a miracle that he lived through the experience, and knew a little bit about the church because of his siblings, so when Sister Rose Ann was prompted to approach her Brother yet again about receiving the missionaries, he was ready and willing. So we were invited into their home and taught them about the Plan of Salvation. Not your typical first lesson, but Sister Valdez had some concerns that we felt were important enough to address right away. They're a really great family :)

Anyway, that's it for today! Love you so much!!!

Elder Syphus

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