Thursday, July 3, 2014

28 Hours Later

28 hours of flying and lay overs, he made it to Manila, Philippines at about 9:40 pm on July 3.
They are 14 hours ahead of us, so he got there about 7:40 am our time.
He called us from the SLC airport and was in good spirits. He now isn't afraid of flying since he made it from St. George to Salt Lake in one piece. In fact, he thought it was fun. He was also excited to find 10 more missionaries at the SLC airport heading to his same mission. He and Sister Shipley were together from SG to SL and now have 3 more sisters and 7 more elders. I'd love to be a fly on the wall to see all of them coming off the plane together.
What a sight it would have been!
He also called from Portland but wasn't able to figure out the international codes from Tokyo and Manila so sleeping with my phone in my hand didn't make a difference in the end; however, I did track his flights all day and all night just to make sure he landed safe and sound.

AND we did receive an email when he got there.....

Hi Mom! :D We just finished dinner at KFC. The flights were good. 10 hours from Portland to Tokyo, with a screen for each passenger to watch Movies or Television. I played Sudoku and read my scriptures :P We're doing good! There's an Internet Cafe down the street and we bought an hour for all 8 of us, so this will be short. Love you!! Love you!! Ingat ka! Share my love with everybody you know ;) I'll try to see if I have a real P Day tomorrow :) Love you! Ingat ka! Bye!!

Elder Syphus

Love that boy!!!!
Sis. Shipley, my flying companion from St. George to the Philippines
Beautiful Mountain on the way to Portland I think... Great view!! :D
Everyone on the Plane. 
Strangely enough, the most prominent person in the picture is my to be compaionan, 
Elder Murdock
The hotel we stayed at for night Number one in the Philippines

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