Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Departing from Home

Got up at 3:30 this morning and finished the last minute packing, had breakfast, prayers and then we were off on the 45 min. drive to the new St. George Airport
 We tried to take a picture in front of the airport door but they automated system kept telling us to get off because it was for loading and unloading only so we had to call this good.
 Joel wasn't his usual happy self.  I think the nerves were finally getting to him but he was still able to keep the tears away.  His sisters, on the other hand, seem VERY happy, even at 5:30 in the morning :)
 And then there's me (mom) trying so hard to keep the tears in.
 Kylie, Greg & Axel made the early morning hour with us.  It was SO good to have them there!
 And Katie and Shaun.  Kari was working and couldn't make it with her family.

 Good byes were so hard.  I cried the whole time and made it hard on everyone else...especially poor Joel.  I wish I were stronger.

I think the hardest part was him standing on the other side of the glass after he'd gone through security to the gate.  He finally let loose and set there crying.  It totally wrenched my heart.  He and Kylie signed a few goodbyes to each other and I just cried.
I made Dan stay until Joel's plane was finally up in the air. 

As a mother who has sent 3 missionaries out I have to say that 
In fact, Joel leaving may have been the hardest yet, at least the same.  
I will miss his early morning snuggles during family scripture time,
his beautiful happy smile,
his laugh, 
his easy going attitude, 
his "promptly I'll obey" whenever asked to do something,
his "good-night mom, I'm home"
his "love you" WHENEVER he called from his phone,
his getting up in the mornings to keep me company when the girls were still sleeping,
his love of music and always trying to pick out his bass part,
and I'll even miss his teasing towards his little sisters.
The thing that tears at me the most is the "boy" that is still in him that most likely won't be there when he comes home.  But he will surely be a great young man!

It's such a hard thing, especially for mothers; however, the good and great things in life often don't come easy and Joel will do good and great things on his mission.  
We are so proud of him!

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