Thursday, July 17, 2014

Week 2 (July 17, 2014 MTC Manila, Philippines)

Hey Family! I love you all!! I made a whole list of things to write about, so I wouldn't forget :P First is our first lesson with our new investigator. Manuel didn't work out so great, but now we have Sister Sheena Lopez and Brother Jaymar Tesani. Jaymar is still kind of blank and almost falls asleep during some of our lessons. It's hard to interest him when we can't speak the language :P Our first lesson with Sheena though, was SO amazing!! We went in planning on teaching her about the restoration, and instead, the whole 20 minutes was about how much God loves her. The Spirit was SO strong!! :D :D

Next, is the letter "A." All I have to say is that the letter a in the language is like rice in the meals. There's SO MUCH!! That's all :P

I finished the Book of Mormon again! It's such an incredible book!!! We have 30 minutes every few days as a district to just dissect it. We've spent an hour doing that so far, and we still haven't finished 1 Nephi 1. It's SOOOO COOOL!! I'm trying to go through it this time reading a chapter or two a day, but in Tagalog. I'll read a verse at a time and compare it with my English copy :)

I have some tie pins on the back of the Donald Duck tie in my room. would you mind sending it them to me with my first package?

Is there anything for homemade stain remover? So far, I've melted one shirt, got chocolate on another, and pen on another :P I got out the chocolate with my Kasama's stain remover, and I got the pen out with wet bar soap and a paper towel. It actually works really well! :D I don't think I permanently melted the shirt :P I think it came out after I washed it :) By the way, it was a GREAT call on getting 8 short sleeve and only two long sleeve shirts, because it since the typhoon yesterday (signal 3, compared to the signal 4 that hit Tacloban), the power has been on and off, and without AC, it gets SO hot around here :P I guess it's just prep for the field :)

Brother Aracena is awesome. He sings (incredible voice... Delaney would LOVE him :P), dances, plays piano, is Hilarious, and is super fun, nice, and can be incredibly spiritual. My mini hymn book I bought last week was burgundy, but he had one the same color as my scriptures, so he traded me! Also, this week I bought a cloth scripture bag for my additional Standard works of the Church :)

Elder Murdock (my kasama) has a great voice as well, but he sings a lot of pop, and I feel like it sort of hinders the spirit :/ I talked to him about it a little, but he just gets upset, so I don't worry about it anymore :/ oh well though :) I actually can't help but laugh when I look Elder Murdock in the eye.... The best way I can describe him is as a cross between a Lemur and a Turtle XD He's cool though :) He footsoned an Elder in our District today :)

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket a couple times for the first few days, but just forgot to tell about it :P It's okay though, I never miss it :)

Thank you SO MUCH for the Silver Sharpie!! Everybody uses it, and it's really useful for writing on the black inside covers of things, Like my hymn book and scriptures :) It's awesome!! :D

Every week for Sacrament meeting, we have to prepare two talks, but we don't know who will be asked to speak. It's kind of stressful but really exciting at the same time :P On Saturday last week, we did a service project, which ended up simply being building a chapel inside the gym. It's AWESOME how it all happens :) It's a ton of different pieces and platforms, and the equipment they use for microphones is the SAME stuff I worked with at Dixie!! It's so Cool!! We did a lot of service after the typhoon as well. We carried Palm Fronds and broken pots from around the MTC ground to a shed where we just stored it all. It felt really good working out in the rain and wind :D

The water pressure here is sort of... interesting :P :D It goes on and off randomly, and seems to happen more often when we're showering :P It's fun though. It's like a little surprise every few minutes :D

Was I supposed to convert the $50 to Pesos? Cause I did :P

Hand Sanitizer here is HUGE There's dispensers EVERYWHERE, and we're supposed to use it every time we pass one. I guess they're just really careful with disease, which is good :)

Handwritten letters would be SO MUCH appreciated! There's a board with all the missionaries who received letters, and it's always a split second downer to realize you're names not on it. But then you forget because the bulletin board is write next to the cafeteria :P But ya, handwritten letters would be nice just because of the short time we have for letters.

Speaking of food, we've a LOT of fish lately :) We had one the other day, that looked like the dropped off the hook into a deep fryer and threw it on our plate. Eyes and all :D It was actually pretty good, but the bones were a bit of a nuisance :P We had fish and chips last night, and that was delicious :) Fresh Mangoes here are INCREDIBLE :O I'll probably miss those more than anything. We had a birthday dinner the other night, and they served pizza, spaghetti, and cake. It was really good, but the pizza and spaghetti were really sweet, like everything here :) still delicious :D

There 's some missionaries here going to Phnom Penh. Thought Kambree might wanna know :)

Sister Toai is SO FUNNY!! She reminds me so much of Katelyn, it's hilarious :D She's Samoan and has the same exact sort of Persona. She's great :P

Well, that's all I have written down to share, so I'll throw in a few pictures and be off. LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!

​Ammon District!! -
Elder Laulu (Somoa), Sister Bishop (Texas), Elder Guttenbeil ( Tonga), Sister Shipley (St George! :D), Elder Murdock (Willard), Sister Ufua (Somoa), ME, Sister Toai (Somoa. Reminds me of Katelyn. She's hilarious), Elder Chan (Singapore) and Elder Delamare (Lehi).

Samoan Sister Toai

HUGE snails here

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