Friday, July 11, 2014

Week 1 (July 10, 2014 MTC Manila, Philippines)

Thank you so much!! Everything's okay here :) My companion's name is Elder Murdock.  He's really friendly. We have 6 people on three bunks in our Room. Elder DeLaMare from Lehi, Elder Chan from Singapore, Elder Guttenbeil from Tonga, Elder Laulu from Somoa. Elder G and L are Hilarious and they're loud. Elder Chan is Awesome! He's so calm and cool, and is always super nice. He's pretty funny too. Elder DeLaMare is really cool. He's our DL and lived in the Philippines for 3 years because his dad was the Mission President for Quezon City, so he's already pretty good with the language. The sisters in our district are Sister Bishop and Sister Shipley, and Sister Toai and Sister Ufua. Sisters T and U are really quiet, so I don't know much about ​them. Sister Shipley is my closest link to home, so I like her alot, and Sister Bishop was at the MTC for 6 weeks but went home for some reason. She's back now, and is still pretty good with the language. She's spunky, and sassy, but she's fun :)

My guro (teacher) is Sister Hernandez. Starting Saturday, we had to teach an investigator every day (except Sunday) who only knew Tagalog. It was really rough, but things went okay. We failed to connect with him as a person, which was REALLY disappointing, but we've learned. We met our second investigarot tonight. Manuel (our first) is now another of our teachers. Brother Aracena. He's a LOT of fun as a guro, and not as Manuel ;) He always seemed so disinterested. Elder Murdock is seriously like Elder Calhoun​ (from Best Two Years movie...we thought it was funny that he'd refer to it ;)​. First, he told Manuel that "Jesucristo is ang aklat ni Diyos" rather than "Jesucristo is ang Anak ng Diyos." Yup. He called Jesus Christ the book of God, rather than the Son of God :P Then, he told him we'd like to share a mesahe, but ​t​he sisters tried to say we love you, but said "you're expensive." Elder DeLaMare even makes mistakes and invited Manuel to drown rather than kneel. Lot's of fun, speaking Tagalog :P I have been struggling a little bit lately, but it's okay, I'll get through it :)

Elder Chan was feeling sick earlier this week, so I anointed him, and Elder DeLaMare gave the blessing. The spirit was SO strong. It was an incredible experience :) I forgot nail clippers, but bought some at the super market down the street for about a buck. I also got a Triple combination in Tagalog and a mini hymn book for about 10 bucks total. I like the prices here :) No snacks in our rooms, so I haven't had the Peanut Butter yet, but I'm planning on getting a bunch of stuff the week before I leave to take into the field. It's exciting!!

Electronics haven't been a struggle for me, surprisingly ;) The weather has been nice. It's really temperamental. It'll pour for a few seconds, then sprinkle for about a minute, than nothing. The worst was the night I stayed in the hotel :P

That's awesome to hear about everyone's' mission calls!! Thanks for the pictures as well :) The plane ride was SO long, but fun :) My mind is moving a million miles a minute, so I may have forgotten to answer a few questions (I haven't been to the temple yet. I had to do immigration stuff today :/ :P Next week though :) ) So it's up to you to organize this into a real letter for everyone to read :D :D :D Have fun!!!! I love you so much!!! Thanks for all the Pictures!!!
Elder Syphus

Oh ya!! We have rice for EVERY MEAL. It's okay though. I sort of enjoy it ;) Oh ya again!! PICTURES for YOU!!!!! :D My kasama ( companion) fogot his camera, so we had to run up two flights of stairs just barely to go grab it before time runs out :P
No time, and email cant send more, so I'll try to send the rest in a weak.... Ugh that seems SO far away. It'll be good though I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! Some arent sending

Manila, Philippines Temple (on same grounds as MTC)
View of Courtyard outside our window

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