Friday, July 4, 2014

Manila MTC (July 4, 2014)

Kamusta ka! We arrived at the MTC safely this morning after a breakfast at the hotel. I'll give you in depth step by step next Friday :) Nothing went missing, I got it all, as far as I know. I got a haircut and shots today :P He used a straight edge razor. It was intense ;) I got TWINRIX for Hep A and B because it was so long ago that I got the original. PEANUT BUTTER SHOTS :D It's awesome here. Everyone is super nice, but the roads are INSANE. People don't honk at bad drivers. They honk to say "Hey, I'm about to cut you off, so here's a heads up." It's cool :P I bought a Pen at the Tokyo Airport!! It has black ink, red ink, and a pencil. $10.20. Ya... expensive :P Anyway, love you! I just had this opportunity for a quick hello. I tried calling at each stop, but couldn't figure out how at the Tokyo airport, or in Manila. I had to walk through a pond coming back from the cafe last night. my socks and shoes were DRENCHED. HOORAY FOR SANDALS!! :D I realize that I end these emails about four or five times before finally clicking send, but it's okay. It's like a quintuple encore ;) More and more, even after it's over. I better finish though :) LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! Ingat kat

Elder Syphus
Everyone from the Plane-
 Elder Van Tassel, Mitchell, Jacobsen, and Williams. Sisters Bishop, Shipley, Koford, and Peavler. And Elders Murdock, Delamare, myself and Manes
We all made it to the Manila MTC....all 12 of us!

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